Business Lunch 1 – Restaurant Gusto

Oh man… I love eating…

As you know I write this series of Sunday brunches I love to do around the world…

Today I am starting a series for business lunch… As I am quite often hopping between London, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt and Zurich, Rio and São Paulo,  I think it will be fun to let you know about some of the choices you may have to impress your clients or even friends. I am starting the series with a restaurant I went in January called Gusto.

Situated at the Metropole Hotel in Geneva, the restaurant location is just perfect and very much in the business area of Geneva. Different from the other major 5 star hotels which are all also situated in front of the lake, but on the other side, the Metropole Hotel has a secondary entrance by the Rue du Rhone, which is the main shopping street in Geneva. As the example the hotel is next door to Prada and Gucci….

The Restaurant is divided in two different floors. The ground floor there is an amazing Italian buffet.

As you know I am super carnivore but this place is special… the chef Alessandro Cannata plays with cheeses, vegetables and pastas in a very creative way so that all is extremely tasteful and beautiful… The foccacias are to die for… and for a quick and informal lunch, this is the place to be. The price is super reasonable and it includes desert, coffee, juices and water.

If you need some more sophistication … you must try the Gusto main restaurant. The chef is Italian and the food revolves around pastas and risottos but  prepared to please the eyes and the mouth…

Presentation is pristine and the taste delicious. There are two main options: starter and main or starter, main and desert.

My option was the first one: starter and main. Very seldom I take desert on a business lunch.

As starter I had an amazing ravioli… it was so delicious that I could have asked for more… I love everything made of pumpkin!

As a main I had the amazing Tartar de Bar… delicious and the presentation was just a piece of art!

The good thing about the whole meal is that it is quite quick and perfect for a business lunch where you don’t wish to last forever.

So… in and out in about 90 min… food beautiful and delicious! Perfect place to impress and be impressed!

Xx Valentina