Spring scent

  1. For you that have been following me on Instagram, you probably noted that I have posted loads of nice perfume recommendations…

I am not a woman of a unique smell… on the contrary, my smell adjusts pretty much to my mood, varying from bright sunny bubbly days to not so much of bright days….. especially when I crave for the sun…

Now Spring is practically a week away! My winter this year was rather short as I went away travelling to the sun for about 1 month…

My new perfumes went around the world with me… it gave me the opportunity to  take amazing photos of the beautiful bottles and experiment them in warmer temperatures.. pure anticipation for the spring / summer 2018.

My ellected are:

The new Elie Saab – In white

Inspired and created for brides, the perfume is very sensual but delicate…  It is for all ages as it inspires purity and naïvité.


Alaïa – The latest perfum of the late fashion genios Azedine Alaïa… a recreation of its success – the Nude.

Not a sensual perfume… actually it is exactly the opposite… it is hard, it is a bit cold to inspire distance… it is nude…

A fragrance for a woman that is very comfortable in its own skin and does not take no for an answer.

Guerlain – la Petite Robe Noire

Guerlain does not need any presentation. The oldest French perfume house… all its perfumes are super classy and sophisticated.

La Petite Robe Noire version 2018 is slightly lighter than the versions from previous years. Easier to have on… the perfume is a classic which pleases the most demanding tastes… if you do not wish to go wrong.. that is your choice!


Dolce & Gabanna – Dolce – Garden.

As the name suggests… as it means desert in Italian… But in a garden… it is sweet, floral and colorful…

For a fresh Sunday afternoon brunch in the flowered garden.

Try these on and let me know your preference… are you like me, a woman of many facetes or are you a woman of one powerful signature smell?

xx Valentina