Gurumê – Rio de Janeiro

I love Japanese food… it is probably my favorite cuisine and I eat sushi probably 2 to 3 times a week…

I learned to do it myself, so I know how difficult it is to actually do it well…

When in Rio a few weeks ago, I discovered this not so new but extremely successful Japanese restaurant.

When I say not so new, it is because in less than 2 years the owners opened in 4 different locations and the restaurants are always full and with waiting list…

Brazilians, especially Cariocas, how you call people from Rio, are not the type to make reservations with days in advance… in truth nobody makes reservations at all… all is done spontaneously and because of that it is quite common to go to a restaurant and wait for a table, for sometimes even longer than an hour.

Do as the locals is my mantra, so I did not reserve and just show up to see if I would get a table…

It did not take long, actually 20 minutes and another local feature is that while you wait, there is always someone bringing small tapas and you can order drinks.

The Gurumê restaurant I went is situated inside a shopping centre called Rio Design Barra. A lot of he nicest restaurants in Rio are situated inside shopping centres… it is more for security reasons that this happens… also it os very easy to park.

Recently open, the decoration is stunning! A huge open area all with large tables and a huge open kitchen… Also the designer gave importance to the tropical vibe of the city by using a lot of wood and green trees. A very beautiful and pleasant place to have dinner.

Oh… the food is just superbe… Again, the local vibe is present in the menu… Naturally there is the traditional japanese sushi and sashimi, but the best sellers are the pieces which are made with local ingredients, in the best fusion style.

We did not know what to order as everything sounded so yummy… so we ordered a lot!!!

Some were in the end my favorites, such as the shrimp pop corn and the hot philadelphia. Ah, the caramelised salmon sushi is to die for!

If you never had, you must eat the sushi ice cream…. OHHHHHH…. OHHHHH! Too good to describe!

For those who dont know and I did not know, Gurumê means gourmet in japanese… even the choice of name was perfect…

For a gourmet meal… Gurumê is a great option and do as the locals… just go, order a drink and enjoy the experience.

xx Valentina