Sunday Brunch 9 – Hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand – Amsterdam

A royal venue… maybe too royal for normal mortals…

Sunday brunches are my favorite meal of the week.

As we went to Amsterdam for the Easter break, it was natural that we would look for a perfect place to have the Easter Sunday meal.

This time our choice was the magnificent hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand…

The hotel is a legendary property in the heart of city. A historical building which was once a convent in the 15th century, then the royal lodgings to Dutch Admiralty headquarters to the city hall of Amsterdam.

Also the hotel was the location of the wedding of the former Dutch Queen, Princess Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg, performed by the city mayor in the Council Chamber in 1966.

It was in this Council chamber that the Brunch took place. Quite a majestic room, not to say austere. The convent influence is well preserved in the wooden walls and high ceilings glass windows…

The hotel made the effort to decorate the room for Easter… kids were quite happy to find Easter eggs hidden under the tables and chairs. A life band was playing quite animated music, which gave an overall vibe to the whole place.

Also, in adjacent room, the hotel created an animals’ room, where the kids could play with several Easter bunnies, and sheep but also draw and paint their own Easter eggs… my kids loved the experience… although I must confess that I stressed a little in fear that my 3 year old son would break the poor bunny’s head… thankfully nothing happened and nobody came home traumatised.

The brunch in itself was more of a lunch venue rather than a breakfast / lunch = brunch. No cheeses, no salamis, no variaty of bread… in truth the buffet was for lunch… I found that quite disappointing.

Everything that was served was absolutely delicious… several types of salads, mini soups and consumes, salmon, lobster… a gastronomic feast. Also, at the table, it was served the hot meals, which had a very gastronomic selection, from Ossobuco to pasta with truffles and lobster. The only dish that resemble breakfast was the eggs benedict, which were divine.

It was a gastronomic experience and not catered for kids at all. Actually this was more than a disappointment to me. In truth, one would expect that the hotel would anticipate and propose some kids meals, especially when kids above 3 years old pay 50% of the full price. As I looked around I noted that the kids were hardly eating… loads of chocolate eggs for sure, but not food, simply because the food was too sophisticated for the little one’s tastes. At least for my children…

It was a negative surprise to hear that the hotel could not prepare a simple pasta with tomato sauce or even some chicken breast for the kids… Even with desert was a struggle… all deserts were in a buffet and they were delicious but very sophisticated too… so, I had to beg for a scoop of Vanilla ice cream… which I did not get….

Well, it seems that my choice was good on one side but very bad on the other side… so if you have kids below 12, I dont recommend attending this hotel’s brunch… unless your kids appreciate gastronomic food, this is simply not the place for them… and I assure you my kids are not fussy to eat.

If in Amsterdam, the hotel in itself deserves a visit… it is a magnificent property… but if I go back, I dont think I will brunch there again…

XX Valentina