Steenberg Farm – Cape Town

The perfect Sunday afternoon destination.

When one thinks of South African wine, one immediately thinks of Stellenbosch… it is not wrong but…

Well, what about if I told you that about 30 min from the center of Cape Town, in the neighbourhood of Constantia one can taste one of the best Sauvignon blanc wine of South Africa???

I have been to South Africa many times but unless you travel with a local and I was travelling with a Capetonian… one does not know the true gems.

So… Sunday late afternoon and we went for sunset… around 5ish… and I discovered this spectacular place….

Steenberg Farm is the oldest Cape Town farm… established since 1682… full of history and heritage…. The place is not only stunning, but it has 2 amazing restaurants, a hotel spa, a golf course and obviously a winery…

As it was Sunday, we were looking for a relaxed laid back atmosphere and the chosen place was the bistrot sixteen82…

As we came in, I quickly fell in love with the place… huge space, high ceiling, and a huuuuuge wine exposition…. All decorated with a modern and sophisticated touch…

The bar overlooks a open veranda where guests can wine taste appreciating the view of the winery and the mountains…


We chose to take an apéritive inside at the bar itself and I tried some of the sparkling wine… I had to have my bubbles…. The sparkling Chardonnay was divine… but believe it or not the famous sparkling Sauvignon Blanc was sold out….


It seems that I will have to oblige myself to go back….

From there, we moved to the bistrot… a tapas type of place… casual and laid back but extremely tasty…

The menu looked all very delicious and we decided to choose 3 dishes each… the portions are small but enough to be shared…

As I was ordering I had in the back of my mind that it might have not been enough…. I was wrong… the portions are just right to be shared… even with big eaters like me…

We ordered:


Gambas persillade


Pork Belly

Beef and macheggo croquettes

Beef Tataki chili

From the menu, the Arancini and the Calamari were my favorites and they did not disappointed me…. super  yummy!

Desert was not in our radar, especially after a few generous glasses of wine…. nevertheless a couple of chocolate truffles made our way and sweetened our evening….

But…. when you think the evening could not be more perfect… great food and wine, and very nice company… I came out of the restaurant and encountered the unforgettable view of Cape Town under a full moon that took my breath away…..

Life is about experiences… and some become unforgettable memories…. I think this is the case… would you not agree?


XX Valentina