Sunday Brunch 11 – Hotel President Wilson – Poolgarden – Geneva

Undoubtedly the best pool garden of Geneva, maybe one of the best I have ever been… The place is spectacular.

Geneva is a spoiled city with amazing hotels … as I have the opportunity to visit them I share my views with you….

The Hotel President Wilson is quite big. A business-like type of hotel, if you look from the outside, but if one looks into details, one notes that it may as well be a family hotel….

Especially when you think about the amazing pool the hotel has. The Sunday brunch is served around the swimming pool, in an area called pool garden, which is an amazing open space overlooking lake Geneva on one side and the majestic Palais Wilson on the other side.

The view out of its terrace is just breath-taking. No barriers or buildings to spoil the view… almost 180 degrees of openness.

The vibe of the place is of a beach club type, where people mingle together enjoying the sun and the great food.

In terms of food… the brunch buffet is just outstanding… probably one of the best I have ever been.

The quality of the food is second to none…. Exquisite products are available for tasting, such as lobster, oysters, smoked salmon, and several types of tartare… and even caviar.

There is also a varied choice of hot dishes which are a la carte and integrate the brunch menu. This time I chose the penne with giant prawns which was to die for.

When I go to brunches, I don’t tend to eat much of deserts… I look at them but my sweet spot is normally the salty part…

Well, here I confess I could not resist the variety of mini pastries and patisseries that were put available to the guest… the chocolate cake and the strawberry tarte deserved a second visit from me….

But the best of the best is the sushi.

You may remember that I have posted here about one of the best Japanese restaurants that I ever been… UMAMI…. Well, it is situated at the hotel and the chef, Michel Roth prepares the sushis for the brunch too…

During the week the UMAMI restaurant occupies the same space around the pool as where the Brunch takes place on Sundays. The only difference really is that that although the brunch has a significant amount of sushi and sashimi, it does not only serve Japanese food…

Last Sunday, it has also a great selection of Lebanese delicacies… as one of the restaurants of the hotel is the famous Arabesque… which by the way has been also subject to a post here at the blog…

As you can see I am a fan!

A super positive is the kids club… most of the brunches I have been have provisioned an area for the kids…. Which by the way is a must as Sunday is definitely a family day… however some of the hotels just place the kids tooooo far from the parents which create a bit of hassle as it is natural that the kids want to come and go as it pleases them.

At the President Wilson the kids’ area is just there at the pool area, totally integrated with the space where parents can sit, relax and still keep an eye on their little ones without worrying about their whereabouts…. Although there is a massive swimming pool around I noted that all kids behaved quite well and did not attempt to jump into the water.

If you wish to have a GREAT SUNDAY in a stunning location eating what there is best in terms of food… it is a no brainer… you must visit the Sunday brunch at the hotel President Wilson.

Also… I love the pool garden shop… Loads of girly and trendy summer items for great looks!

In my opinion, it is one of the brunches that offer the best cost benefit in terms of money value….

We may meet there one of these Sundays.

Xx Valentina