Harrods food court – London – United Kingdom

Pretty much everybody has heard of Harrods…. You may not have visited it but I am sure you have heard of it.

It is one of the most magnificent department stores in the world. It is known as the Queen’s Elisabeth shop.

Well… it is indeed magnificent…

It has everything on it but the part that inspires me most is the food court.

A lot of people go there for the luxurious brands… such as Fendi, Chanel, Valentino or LV…

But, these you can find in any capital of the world…

What you cannot find is the amazing food rooms that Harrods have…

They are about 5 different rooms which offer the best food specialties of the world. The range is from exquisite chocolate, to wine, teas, fresh food and even wedding cakes.

As you stroll through each room, you feel you are making a trip across the world… the best ingredients from the various 4 corners of the globe are therein present….

Russian Caviar
Iranian nuts
Chinese tea
French pastries
American bagels
Dutch beer
Swiss Chocolate
Norwegian Salmon
British cheddar cheese

and much more…

Impossible to name them all…

When in London, explore the city but do not miss the opportunity to take a gastronomic trip around the world.

XX Valentina