Christmas gifts tips – crazy 10 days to go…

Nearly 2nd week of December and I look at my Christmas gift list… powerless…

I have everything to buy and not much time left… I will be travelling on the 22nd of December which leaves me 10 days to do it all.

A few things called my attention this season and I will list them below in the attempt to help you to organise your list too.


A few major brands called my attention this end of year:

  • Shiseido – The new make up collection is spectacular… I am in love with the colours and the new textures. It is quite a revolution for the traditional Japanese brand… Trendy and very millenium.

  • Guerlain – I have mentioned several times that I adore the brand… Both the Meteorite and the Terracotta collections go with me everywhere I go… I cannot live without them. It is the perfect gift for a chique and sophisticated woman.


  • I only have one recommandation here – Calida, Calida and Calida… I love the feel of Calida’s clothes on my skin. It is made to wear super comfortably at home but to be honest a lot of pieces can be worn outside… they are confortable and casual… perfect for the day to day outfit…


  • Candles – Mizensir – For those who dont know, it is the Patek Phillippe of the Candles… the analogy is perfect in all senses… It is Swiss made, in Geneva, family business owned, top quality manufacture, boutique sold and best client service. I became a fan.. especially because it continues to carry the savoir faire of its owner, the master parfumer Alberto Morillas. A perfect gift would be the set made in collaboration with Caran d’Ache – a set of scented pencils that are soooo gorgeous that it makes it difficult to use them… a collector’s piece.

  • Champagne – I love bubbles and you know it by now… so.. the new Moet Chandon holidays bottles are perfect for the end of the year… The bottles are stunning and can also be used for home decoration.


  • Dior – the masterpiece – The saddle bag…

I hope you find this useful and as you can see there are presents for all budgets and pockets.

Enjoy the shopping… 10 days to go…

xx Valentina