Sunday Brunch 16 – Ritz Four Seasons Hotel – Lisbon

Sunday brunch is my favorite meal of the week!

I just love to spend time at the table and enjoy the ritual of drinking and eating…

At the beginning of the month, we went to Lisbon, as you know… And the highlight of the trip was the Sunday brunch at the Ritz Four Seasons hotel.

We stayed 4 hours at the table… The 4 of us… We just took the time to enjoy ourselves… We ate slowly, we enjoyed the conversation and let the time pass. It is true that the fact that the hotel has a kids club just next to the brunch room helped… My kids could come and go, play and eat… As they wished and I did not have to worry about entertaining them…

The Ritz Hotel, now part of the 4 seasons group is an Institution. Prestigious, Extraordinary and Luxurious, the hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the best of the Portuguese hospitality. If staying in is not an option, a visit to the Sunday Brunch becomes essential.

The room where the brunch is served is magnificent. Portuguese style art deco welcomes the guests with a charming warmth.

The food is served in a buffet style, where the dishes are spread through out the room, divided by the various themes: Salads, cold cuts, cheeses, breads, hot dishes, sushi, crepes, pastas and deserts.  A gastronomic oasis!

Needless to say that the Portuguese influence is very strong, especially in the hot dishes, where one could taste the best of sea food and bacalhau (cod fish). Amongst everything, the cheese from Serra da Estrela (Portuguese mountains about 2 hours from Lisbon) is super worth trying.

We, as a family, are what the French call: gourmands… We absolutely love food! So, we surfed from one side to the other tasting pretty much everything! The freshness of the sea food was incomparable… The sushi melted in the mouth!

Also special words to the deserts… I love when the chef proposes mini deserts, so that I can try more than one… The buffet was rich of options… Some French classics as creme brulée to some Portuguese options as pastéis de nata.

For both locals or tourists, Sunday is normally a day of laissez – faire… So, you might as well let it be in style… Enjoy the brunch!

XX Valentina