Afternoon Tea 6 – Chesterfield Hotel – London

Tea was not invented in Britain as many people believe, but it was done by the Chinese about 50 BC.

Tea was brought to Europe by the Portuguese Priests around the 16th hundreds, but it was the the British who made it a social event.

Supposed to be served between 4pm and 7pm, it is a fine and classic meal. With time, it has evolved from a ladies only event to a family gathering where all taste finger sized sandwiches and scones.

For my daughter’s birthday, we took a trip to London where we agreed to go for an afternoon tea.  She was turning 8 and we chose to go to the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair.

You have probably read other articles about the hotel here… I love the very English style and I am a regular over there…

The afternoon tea is served in the conservatory and it is inspired in the Hardy’s sweet shop, where the guests can choose candies from the colorful jars.


The hotel serves all the usual suspects such as scones with clutted cream, cucumber sandwiches and cheese cakes… But it also goes beyond the usual, by offering a kids afternoon menu where milk shakes and funky sweets are added to the plate.

My daughter absolutely loved the experience. It was not her first time in an afternoon tea but it was this one was dedicated all to her… Colorful and cheerful as she is…

I am not British… Honestly, I don’t even know what I am anymore… I have incorporated so many traditions into my day to day that my family should be a study case to globalisation… All that to say that the afternoon tea is one of the traditions that it is party of our lives…

So, as the British would say, “would you like a Cuppa???”

XX Valentina