Purse addicted – The Collector

Recently I read a comment on my Instagram page that make me smile…

My follower wrote to me that she loved my page because I was a true trendsetter!

Obviously I was flattered by the comment… I am human, right… And I work hard to bring tips and information that you would not see it everywhere…

No secret, I love bags… I collect them and I have been doing so for more than 20 years…

I love the work done around it… The creativity, the elegance and the value it adds to an outfit.

So, when I was introduced to the Collectors collection, I was very impressed with it…

First, the style is quite unique… It is not the type of purse you find anywhere and everywhere… Actually on the contrary… The style is its major differentiator!

Also, the bags are crafted with major exotic skins… American alligator, Niloticus, Porosus, Python, Lizard and South African Ostrich skins. Which turn them into pieces of collectible art… Hence, the name: the Collector

Important to mention that The collector is very strict with the source of its materials and they make sure that all complies with the CITES regulations.

“CITES is an international agreement that has been in effect since 1975. Its goal is to ensure that international trade of wildlife does not threaten the survival of species or the health of ecosystems. Nations participate in and adhere to CITES regulations voluntarily, but it is legally binding for those opting in.”

The designer: Sophie Bonvin is quite an empowered woman… A woman with a successful financial career who choose to let out her creativity which translated to The Collectors luxury handbag collection… Made for women who appreciate the detail and beauty of craftsmanship, without the need to flash a recognised brand to it.

Nothing against big brands… I myself have many bags of them… but it is quite easy to see them around… so no much fun to me to be one in a million.

A true connaisseur wants to feel exclusive and unique… and secure a piece that will stand out to the world…. The collector is definitely a brand that aggregates these attributes.

I invite you to check the website and your chose your favorite. Mine is the Ascia Python, as you saw from my pictures… 🙂


XX Valentina