Borsalino – The art of making exquisite hats…

Italy is one of my favorites countries in the world. Not only because I had the pleasure to live there for almost an year… but everything the Italians do is a sublime masterpiece.

It is such an special culture, that it has been dictating trends for centuries. From the renaissance to the current days, Italians have spread their savoir faire to the 4 corners of the planet.

From food, to art, to fashion, even to politics, Italy is present in our day to day, every day, several times a day.

Milan is one of the Fashion Capitals of the world… who has not heard of the Fashion week? Who has not heard of the trends that the Italian fashion designers set for the rest of the mundane world…

So I was honoured when I was invited to come and visit one of the most prestigious and long standing Italian Brands – Borsalino.

Borsalino was founded in 1857 by Giuseppe Borsalino, and it has always been the most luxurious hat maker of Europe. At the end of the First world war when hats were an indispensable accessory, the brand produced 2 million hats annually.

Present in classic films such as Casablanca, the hats have dressed Hollywood celebrities throughout the years.

Modern world has affected the brand as hats became no longer indispensable, but despite all the odds and difficulties, the savoir faire has survived and Borsalino stands ready to continue dressing the heads of the most elegant trendy setters of the world.

When I visited the flag shop in Milan I quickly noted that the brand has modernised without losing tradition. Colourful and trendy hats are exposed alongside with the Panama classics. The shop was full of customers admiring and appreciating the hand made laborious work of the pieces. While I was present I saw several pieces being sold which demonstrates that the accessory is becoming more and more popular.

I have a friend who loves hats and visiting the showroom I could not stop thinking of her. She has somewhat inspired me to appreciate the accessory which I confess was not really part of my day to day. This has changed and more and more I see myself composing my looks with the addition of a beautiful hat… A new addiction to my list!

As part of the new Borsalino, the brand now is expanding from outside the hat making only, and in the last design days, Borsalino introduced its newest creation and baby… a duo of exquisite silk scarves which gobsmacked me. The silk was so soft and delightful that I did not want to take out of my skin… A fabulous new creation that has everything to become the new it-accessory of the season.

The quadrilatero de la moda in Milan is a must visit place alongside with the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Borsalino is present in both places. So, there is no excuse not to visit this iconic house to admire the masterpieces that only Borsalino knows how to make.

Enjoy the visit and if the budget allows, indulge yourself by bringing home this amazing souvenir art piece.

xx Valentina.