Sunday Brunch 17 – Saxon Hotel – Johannesburg

Very few hotels in the world have witnessed what the serene and peaceful corridors and gardens of the Saxon Hotel have witnessed – The majestic day to day presence of a true world leader  – Nelson Mandela.

I am sorry I cannot help myself… This post is about the WONDERFUL Sunday Brunch at the Saxon, but there is no way I will not put the historical importance of this place into context.

It was at the Saxon Hotel, the place where Mandela chose to peacefully finalise his biography called “Long Walk to Freedom”. A book that I read for the first time more than 10 years ago, but continues to be so actual that is even painful to refer to it. I will not get to details because I could write hours about it, but I strongly recommend the reading.

Back to the point, the Saxon hotel is the most beautiful and luxurious hotel of Johannesburg – not the capital but the most important city of South Africa and probably the of the whole continent.

The hotel is an Oasis in the heart of a busy and cosmopolitan city. As I entered the premises, as you know it was not my first visit to it, it was as if the noise and buzz of the city had never existed. Once a private residence, the Saxon offers to its guest privacy, tranquillity and ultimate luxe.

I arrived early at the hotel,  first because I wanted to have the time to photograph the place so that I could inspire you to visit it, but also because I wished to indulge myself in one of those Sundays that one does not wish it to ever end.

The Brunch is served at the Qunu restaurant, and I was accompanied by a local friend who rightly described the hotel as Majestic. We were welcomed by the local staff on duty and a parenthesis on the welcome. The staff was just amazing… super helpful and friendly. South Africans are known to be one of the most friendly people in the world. The staff working at the hotel last Sunday was a true representation of this perception. I was impressed by their hospitality and professionalism.

The hotel supports several local artists by exposing their art throughout the rooms of the hotel. The Qunu restaurant is no different. Very elegantly decorated respecting the African theme, the restaurant is cozy and warm. The local culture is translated in the choice of the colouring and artefacts.

The brunch is served by a combination of a varied and refined buffet, where one can choose from fresh salads, fine cuts and cheeses to sushi and a huge choice of sweets for the most demanding sweet tooth individuals… Along side, a varied option of hot meals is available a la carte, where the presence of local game meat is also available for those wishing to try springbok and even Ostrich.

The Brunch starts at 11:30 and is served until 14:30. 3 Hours would seem long, but I assure you, I did not see it pass. The vibe of the place was such and my friend’s company, of course, contributed that I did not feel time and when I realised it was almost time to go…

I remember telling my friend that I wished that I had such a place at my doorstep every Sunday… lucky her.

As pictures speak more than 1000 words, I was generous with my photographing so that you could get the real feel of the brunch… and the hotel as well.

No brainer… in Johannesburg on a Sunday… indulge yourself and your family at the Saxon… you will not only have a meal of a royal, but also have the opportunity to visit a historical place…

As I was a luck girl… my perfect day did not finish at 14:30… actually it was the beginning of the second phase… the spa visit…


Stay tuned, as a spa junkie post will follow!

xx Valentina