Spa Junkie 8 – Institute Misifus – Geneva

Have you ever heard of Yin and Yang?

A traditional concept of the Chinese medicine based on the laws of the universe, Yin and Yang are the essence of everything that exists… it is metaphorically speaking the two sides of the same coin, without one the other does not exist. It is feminine and masculine, it is positive and negative, it is up and it is down.

Rebalancing Yin and Yang is vital!

We all carry both within us but due to our own personality, education and background, one can feel that one predominates… either Yin or Yang and for that reason rebalancing it becomes crucial.

I must confess that I am not very tuned to it. Not that I don’t find it important, I exercise, I meditate, but I do it without really focusing on re-balancing.

So, when I was invited to visit Institute Misifus in Geneva, I was thrilled with the opportunity to expand my knowledge about the millenium therapy technique.

Prior to my visit I was given the option to chose my treatment. Reviewing my options, and due to the institute’s holistic approach, I chose the massage au sol (which translating to English, means floor massage).

A parenthesis to the location of the Institute. It is situated in the residential area of Geneva called Champel, which is a very peaceful and green area with a calm and relaxing environment. Easy parking is also a plus.

Onto the experience. I was welcomed by Mari Carmen and Donia. Mari Carmen is the institute’s director who has been studying the holistic benefits of therapeutic massages for several years. Mari Carmen chose to bring to the Institute Spanish brands such as Alqvimia and Du, which aligne with principles and aims of the treatments.

Donia was my assigned therapist. Soft spoken, Donia quickly made me feel welcome and relaxed to the experience. Initially I was plugged to an energy machine to ascertain my level of yin and yang balancing.

Initially sceptical that the machine could read me accurately I was surprised first to discover that I was a lot more balanced that I had anticipated. As I run around the clock  as a headless chicken, I thought I would be breaking the scale either one side or the other…

But no, the machine read that I tend to be a lot more yang, meaning I have a very masculine energy force, which is restless, adventurous, excited, extrovert, and courageous. However, I need to rebalance to be less passionate, more relaxed, more peaceful and patient.

The scale was not too far into yang but enough to show that its predominance, so the aim now was to go to the floor and rebalance the energy through the massage.

Comfortably lying down on the floor bed, I experienced a different type of massage. First it was all dressed up. There is no oil involved the physical touch is through the clothes. It is not a normal rubble hands massage. On the contrary, Donia stretched me, pulled my legs and arms, and pressed specific points of my body. I could sleep during most of the session but the highlight was when Donia pressed at a particular point on my tight, yes, you read it right… on my tight and it woke my whole body up.

I had never felt such a sensation in my whole life. It was not unpleasant… it was just very different. It was almost like an electrical shock… it is hard to explain. It was this discharge that went from my tight to the toes to my head. Up and down at the same time…. weird but brillant… positive and negative… yin and yang.

90 min passed very quickly. I felt relaxed but full of energy and had a sensation that I needed more.

Donia explained that we normally focus on the back and shoulders but there are other areas of the body which accumulate energy that need to be released. In my case it was in my tights. Interesting and surprising at the same time. She also mentioned that I would need a little more working around my lower belly… belly button area, as it would easy out this primitive force inside me.

Since then I have been thinking a lot of yin and yang and I have read several articles about it. I loved the experience and the benefits of rebalancing.

Stress and lack of time are not excuses not to go… the opposite, they are the exact right reasons to go. At the Misifus Institute, one can find the right combination of body and soul treatment, so indispensable for our current well being. Try it out!

xx Valentina