Spa Junkie 9 – Saxon Spa – Johannesburg


Few places I visit deserve a double hit on my blog…


But the Saxon hotel deserves even more than 2 posts…

As you may remember from the brunch post… if you have not read it, you don’t know what you are missing… I had given a hint that my time at the Saxon had not resumed to the brunch but it had extended to a delightful afternoon at the SPA.

The hotel is a green oasis in the middle of the hectic Johannesburg, and as it would be expected, it has one of the most amazing spas of the city.

Recently renovated, the spa is spacious, modern and luxurious. Divided into two floors, the spa has everything one need to relax, recharge and recover. From manicure to pedicure, hammam, sauna, several treatment rooms, and it has even a bistrot that serves light dishes and afternoon tea… an absolute delight…

I think I have told you that I love hot stone massages… If I didn’t, now you know. I love the contact of the stone heat against my skin… I love the rubbing of it… I love the energy the stone transmits to my body. So my choice was to have a hot stone massage.

I was accompanied by a good friend…. and we both had a hot stone massage. The spa has 2 duo cabins where the massages are done simultaneously.


I did not see time passing. That is no news… whenever I have a massage I just plunge into total relaxation mode and most of the time it seems too short to be true. This time it was no different… I had an impression that the masseur had just started and it was finished. My whole body had craved for that… Travelling can be very exhausting and that 90 minutes was a delight to my body but also to my soul.

The spa has also a recovery area, beautifully decorated in African theme… my friend and I spent another hour just chatting and sipping tea… There was a lot to be done around, such as hammam, jacuzzis or even a salty water flotation bath tank… but we felt so relaxed after the massage that we did not move much around.

After some time the spa manager took us to visit the sound therapy room, which is a type of therapy which estimulates the body by the use of sounds and crystals. I had never heard of it but got extremely intrigued by it… something to return to next time.

As time flies when we are having fun… it was time to leave the spa, but not before trying some of the delicacies available for the guests…

Sweets for a sweet day….

Tourist or not, a visit to the Saxon spa, is a guarantee to a wonderful day enjoying the best of South African hospitality.

XX Valentina