Disney cruise – October 2019

I have been planning to take this cruise for the last 2 years… It was not the first time that I took my family on a Disney cruise. I did it back in 2015, before I started this blog, when my daughter was 5 and my son was 1 year old… it was fun but I had the feeling that they would have enjoyed  it more when they were to be a bit older… I was not wrong.

Back in 2015 we did the Disney Fantasy for a 7 nights cruise. This time we did the Disney Dream for 4 nights. Both were very nice but honestly I think the 7 days give one a better chance to enjoy everything that the cruise has to offer.

Cruises can be quite overwhelming and I don’t think they suit every public. I myself have very mixed feelings about them… but one thing I assure you, I love the disney ones.

One does not need to be a Disney fan to accept that no one does entertainment like Disney.  Walt Disney himself is still the individual who most won Oscars in the history of the academy and after his death, the company  he created continued to win prizes after prizes, bringing the kids movies industry to the high standards of today.

The Disney Cruise is a consolidation of the Disney universe into a ship. The whole ship revolves around Mickey and its troop… but it is not all.

The ship has many special features. First, at check in, the kids are given a GPS bracelet from which parents can locate them no matter where they are in the ship…

Continuing on kids, there are 3 different ages types of kids club… From 0 to 2 a nursery for babies… From 3 to 12, two major themed kids clubs, with activities revolving around the most successful Disney stories such as Star Wars, Toy Story, the Incredibles and etc and a third club catered more to older kids with adolescents activities still within the Disney world. Photographs are not allowed into the clubs, but the decoration of the them is like being at Disneyland… actually the whole ship is like being at Disneyland. (I managed to take a couple…)

It is not all, for every night one is in the ship, there is a Broadway type of theatre show which amaze and entertain the whole family. This trip, we were indulged with 3 amazing shows: Golden Mickeys, Beauty and the Beast, which by the way, won the biggest prize of a Theather show, and Disney believe.. all shows are full of Disney Characters, colors, music and light…

Talking about Disney Characters, the ship is not short of them, they are all there: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy,  the Chippendales, the Princesses (Snow White, Aurora, Cinderela, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and etc), Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, Peter Pan, all toy stories Characters as Buzz Light Year, Woody and Jessy… all Winnie the Pool ones, and many many others.


As you are check in, one is given the option to book time to take pictures with the characters, but also throughout the cruise, one is given a schedule with which  a little bit of patience (10 min max in a Q), one can have the perfect photo for the family album. Not to say that at the 7 days cruises, there is option to have breakfast with your favorite Disney Characters.

Meals… the ship is all inclusive with the exception of Alcohol … As in any other cruise, there is a restaurant with a large buffet, which is the major and most popular option for lunch, especially due to its proximity to the swimming pool and there are themed restaurants for dinner, which obviously revolve around the Disney universe… such as Enchanted Gardens, Animator’s palate and Remy (Ratatouille’s cute mice).

Also, there are cafes  which serves pizzas, hot dogs, burgers, nuggets, ice cream, cookies and sodas through the the day and part of the night… I must confess, although I love the cruises… in terms of food, it is tooo much junk food for my taste… it is true, for dinner there is attempt to serve real food… but American’s cuisine is not famous to be great… so… be warned… although there is a minuscule salad bar… you will eat your year burger quota in a week.

We are in a cruise ship, right? So, water activities cannot be missed… the ships have the most amazing slides… one inspired at Donald Duck, called aqua Duck…  my kids loved it… there was a Q, but who cared???

For the smaller ones, there are water jets and smaller slides which are inspired in Nemo’s world! Babies love it!

What is there for the parents,  especially  when the kids are in the kids clubs??? Disney thought of it all… there are cinemas, spas, gyms and a whole area of the ship where kids are not allowed! Cocktails and far nient is also included in the pack… with Mickey Mouse in the coffee cup, of course!

What I did not mention earlier is that I was traveling  with my husband and kids but also with my mother, step mother, sister, nephew and etc. Regardless of the age difference, we all had fun in the various parties and activities proposed by the cruise.

As we went on Halloween week, the whole ship was decorated with Halloween theme… Mickey Vampire, Goofy Mummy, and Minnie Witch were participating of trick and treat. A massive Pirate party was thrown to amuse kids and parents in pirate like costumes. If you forget to bring your kids one, don’t worry, there is a boutique that transforms your kids in Captains and sailors… all you need is to book the appointment! Early….

For the day, there is the choice to leave the ship and visit the port … but what you may not know is that Disney own a Private Island in the Caribbean, called Castaway Cay! Water slides falling into turquoise waters are just too good to be true… For the sporty ones… or the ones wishing to burn the fast food, there is a 5k run through the island in the menu… the reward is to get a very unique Disney 5k medal which is only available for those who finish the run! It is quite unique because only Disney ship guests are allowed at the Island and only the ones who finish the run get the medal… 4 of us did it this year… I am not selling my medal on ebay!



We left the ship planning our next adventure… it is likely to be in a couple of years time and the plan is to fo to Alaska…

I am sure you gathered by now that I am a Disney fan… and yes, you are right.. I have done all parks in the world twice the cruise.. after all magic and fantasy does not hurt at all!


xx Valentina