Prada recyclables materials – Re-Nylon

One swallow does not make summer, right?

But many swallows will change the planet…

The way is set and there is no way back… The 2000 –  2020 generation is environmental conscious, they will scrutinise the provenance of products, the supply chain line to make sure brands are adjusting…

Simple… it is this way or the highway!

I am not a big Prada fan… it has been years since I bought something or posted something bout the brand, but regardless of my personal taste, it is undisputable that Prada’s new initiative to purchase recycled nylon, the Econyl (R)  is innovative and trendy.

The initiative is ambitious and plans to have converted all its nylon products, and Prada’s flagship products are made out nylon… remember the backpack?, to the Econyl(R) by the end of 2021.

The new nylon is Ocean plastic recycled!

National Geographic embraced the project and it has partnered with Prada to show how the recycling project takes place across the globe. The Videos are made in several cities and they are being posted in Prada’s website. The first one was made in Arizona, but several have already made available to the public.

Lets not kid ourselves… despite some people denying the truth, including governments, our planet needs our help. Sustainability is not a big word… each person makes a difference… with that spirit, lets spread the word and make sure profit is not the drive, but human rights and a healthy planet too.

xx Valentina

Ps: By the way, I own a Prada Nylon backpack for more than 20 years