Spa Junkie 10 – Rome Cavalieri Hotel – Rome

2020 New year was an absolute splurge!

We decided to start the decade in absolute style! In a city where we could eat well, drink well and enjoy ourselves!

Rome, la citta eterna, was our choice! I absolutely adore the Italians and their lifestyle.



The aim of this post is not describe our stay at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel but for the sake of completeness, it is worth saying that the hotel is excellent.


Situated on a hill overlooking the whole city, the hotel is a enormous property with various swimming pools, gardens, and green grounds.

The view over the city of Rome is spectacular in which in a clear day, one can see several Landmarks… perfect location for new years eve!


As we stayed 4 nights at the hotel I had the chance to visit the spa area quite a few times and also to start the year with a 50 min body massage. New years resolution in place… have more time for myself!

As one could expect the outdoor swimming pools were closed…the whether was warm for the season, but it was still too cold for a comfortable swim.

Not a problem, the hotel has an amazing covered pool with a fireplace by it, in the old roman bath style, which invites one to sit and relax.

An interesting feature was the steam-bath . When in Rome, do like the Roman. The steam room was quite impressive… with a ice cold swimming pool in the middle of it. Pity that due to the nature of the room, it was impossible to photograph.

The gym was also quite impressive… Big, modern and fully equipped!

The hotel spa is quite luxurious and it has as its anchor brand La Prairie products…

For my treatment I chose to do the 50 min Forest therapy which consisted in the Therapist, using a unique essential oil blend from Aromatherapy Associates, to perform a deep body tissue and scalp massage that left me feeling tranquil and refreshed. The whole experience was to somewhat mimic a forest walk, playing with smells and textures to reproduce earth and freshness.

I remember having the sensation to touch plants and smelling fresh earth… this was possible as the Therapist places in my hands stones moistened by the essencial oils.

I confess 50 min was short and I could have stayed longer… nevertheless it was a good boost after my new year’s eve splurge.

Rome is a magical city… undoubtedly one of the best destinations in Europe… but to avoid chaos and crowds, one needs to be careful in its choice of location…

The Rome Cavalieri has a lot to offer… and the grandeur of its Spa is definitely what makes the difference!

xx Valentina