Tie dye is making the catwalk!

Tie dye is not something new!

Actually it is a technique to dye clothes making it colorful and unique… It is commonly found in t-shirts and in the clothing for the hippie tribe!

But Boho chique is another name for hippie with style… and it is a trend… which by the way I love… so it seems that Tie Dye has has hit the catwalk…

Noticed since end of 2019, Tie Dye is now present at the super huber collections of Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Dior mixed fluidity and colour to create very chique boho collection which transpires lightness and happiness!

Louis Vuitton bet on energy! The Tie dye collection is clearly catered for the beach bummers! It is bright, intense and self explanatory! A statement of summer!

Although I love color and brightness, I hesitate with Louis Vuitton’s collection as I think it may be like summer love… it may not last to the end of the season…

On the other hand, I adore Dior’s approach to it… a technique that would not be associated to high end brands… mastered to create timeless pieces!

For you to judge and let me know your view!

xx Valentina