Jacquemus – Have you heard of it? If not… read here!

I came across Le Chiquito a few months ago… and I thought… wow! That is gorgeous… but not very useful… to me at least!

Le Chiquito is the most famous bag of Jacquemus… a french luxurious brand which has seduced women all over the world.

Inspired by his grandmother and mother, the French designer Simon Jacquemus quickly seduced women with a luxurious and feminine touch,  that has been unheard of , since Yves Saint Laurent!

But lets talk about Le chiquito… Cut for women that don’t need to carry anything… as it would not fit! It is the tiniest but the cutest purse ever….Not for me, unfortunately, I am the exact opposite of those women… I carry the world in my bag and the bigger… the better!

Why did I love it then? Well, I recognize the beauty of it! The art, the craftsmanship but above of all I envy who can afford to have one… the issue her is not the money but the frugality!

Frugal, me????
Maybe only in another life!

xx Valentina