Meet the author

I feel quite uneasy to describe myself: I am a woman in my early 40s, a lawyer, married with two small kids, aged 7 and 3…

I speak 6 languages, I have worked in different sectors and one of my biggest passions is to travel and meet people.

Because I have always been involved with books, theses and work (I feel so boring) I only really had time to focus on fashion, cosmetics and luxurious lifestyle when I was already in my 30’s… Actually, my friends say that as time passes and I get older I am getting more and more bling bling… Now, you can understand the name of this blog, right?

Due to the nature of my work and my bubbly personality, I am fortunate to experience amazing places and priceless moments I feel, though, that I am always running around – as one would expect when I work 100%, I am married with a family to run and have kids to educate…

With so much in my mind to share, the blog is a great way of expressing myself, allow others to enjoy my experiences and to listen to feedback that I get in return.

I truly respect my followers’ opinions and wish to engage more closely with yourselves…. So please feel free to contact me whenever you feel like it.

This blog is written in 2 languages:
Portuguese is my mother tongue and naturally I wish to communicate with my native friends and family.

English is my home language and it is the language that I live and breathe every day and therefore it is natural that I choose English as the main language of the blog.

Feel free to contact me anytime at

Enjoy the blog!

XX Valentina